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Aluminium. Quality and respect for the enviroment


RESISTANCE TO ATMOSPHERIC AGENTS. Ductility, lightness and great resistance to atmospheric agents are just some of the characteristics and reasons for choosing aluminum for your windows, which has always been one of the most used materials in construction.


RECYCLABLE. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material and can be reused several times without losing its characteristics, saving on the energy required for its production while minimizing the environmental impact. Everything respecting the environment.


FIRE RESISTENT Aluminum is in the Class 0,this means that it is classified as a first class non-combustible material. Furthermore it does not generate any emission harmful to human health and therefore it can be defined as a material that cannot propagate fires


MAINTENANCE. Thanks to the spontaneous oxide layer that protects it from atmospheric agents, aluminum is a material that does not corrode, does not deteriorate and does not need to be repainted periodically. This allows the frames to have a long life and low maintenance.
(see use and maintenance manual in the download section)


DESIGN. With aluminum it is possible to obtain a wide range of shapes and sections that satisfy any need and construction style. Thanks to this D'Ambrosio SRL thanks to this D'Ambrosio SRL is able to bring the same modern and classic style of other materials without compromising on technical and construction, quality and design.

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