Serie Persiane a Muro

Shutter can be made with flat or rounded door. The sections make it similar to the classic wooden shutter, which is particularly suitable for renovations in historic centers.

It is possible to choose between various panels (directable slats, open and oval louvers and lags)
Moreover it is possible to realize it with a hidden frame for a better hold and a quick installation.
On request historical hardware (in color and / or adjustable).
La zoccolatura di tipo a 90° oppure scorniciata con tappo fresato.
* shutter section 46 mm
Sezione serie a muro

Sella ovalina fissa aperta

Oval louvers

Giunzione fascia

Band junction

Chiudi tubolarità

Tubular closing



Chiusura inferiore spagnoletta

Inferior closure espagnolette

Chiusura superiore spagnoletta

superior closure espagnolette





Vista esterna

External view

Bandella a croce

Cross hinge

Maniglietta e spagnoletta

Espagnolette and minicric

Anta con fascia a sfioro

Interior view

Vista esterna

External view

Spagnoletta e maniglietta lamelle

Espagnolette and minicric

Angolo vista esterna

Outside view corner

Tappo chiudi tubolarità

Tubolar closing

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