Serie Scorrevole

Shutter made of a flat, slightly framed door whose sections make it similar to a wooden shutter that adapts easily to both renovations and new buildings.

E’ possibile scegliere la pannellatura con lamelle orientabili, ovalina fissa aperta, doghe orizzontali o verticali, scandole.
inoltre è possibile realizzare l' infisso sia scorrevole interno muro sia esterno muro.
The matching accessories (handle, gasket, plugs, controls) make it a product of high finish and enhance its beauty.
Historical fittings on request (black or coloured).
Plinth type 90 ° or Scorniciata and milled plugs.
* shutter section 46 mm
Sezione scorrevole

Angolo vista interna

Inside view angle

Tappo mantovana

Mantovana Cap



Fascia centrale

Cental Band

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